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The Police Cat's Of Paws County

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Here is part of the story

Meanwhile, the two Cat-Constables, Sage and Onion was having their meal in the Meow-Meow police car, which looked like an average car with whiskers on the front for CB and Radio frequencies, two large ears on the top to hide the blue lights with stripes of black and white all over the car.

“This look’s nice!” Onion replied looking at her sardines toasted sandwich, which happens to be live sardines moving around between the layers of the sandwich until they started to wiggle their way through to freedom.

“Damn, my meal is wiggling away!” Onion hissed as she tried up to pick up the few that have escaped.

“Why can’t you just eat dead ones instead?” Sage replied looking at the mess in the car.

“Whoa! What, you are joking right, yuck, I can’t stand the dead ones they just haven’t got that wiggling sensation when I’m eating!” Onion said finally getting the last one up before eating it whole.

Just before Sage replied to her answer, the meow, meow radio piped up, from the Fur Ball Department ‘Anybody! Near doggie kennels, meow!’ said a feline cat on the other end.

“We’re about 10 minutes away, meow!” Onion replied, she decided to throw the rest of the toasted sandwich in the river below them as they crossed the bridge which makes Sages fur stand up on end a bit, ‘Nearly there’ Sage thought as she can’t stand the sight and smell of water.

“There! Finally…! Made it over the last stretch of water for miles” Sage replied feeling a bit relaxed again.

“We’re on our way, meow and out!” Onion said before putting the radio receiver on the bracket mound, ‘meow and out’ was the reply back from the radio.

“Looks like, we’ve better get the siren out!” Sage said looking for the switch to start it.

“Great they haven’t put one in yet!” Sage replied afterwards then looked at her partner.

“Guess they like the real deal, I guessed!” Onion replied as they both poked their heads out of the window and started to ‘meow, meow’ in synchronised harmony down the road towards the doggie kennels.

Finally, they reached the end of the road, heading along a dirt road with trees slowly getting denser, they stopped not too far from the kennels, Sage turned off the Meow-Meow Car as they both walked to the back of the car into the boot to get some guns.

“This will do!” Onion replied looking at his water pistol.

“No! No! No way you’re using that?” Sage hissed at Onion with fear.

“Why not, I know the dogs in the canine league enjoy the water, and they could easily submit to it!” Onion said as she tested the water pistol to see if it works, but some of the drops of water landed on Sage’s fur, and he squealed with fright and managed to snatch the water pistol out of Onion’s paws.

“Oh, great, I might as well use this one instead!” Onion said looking disappointed and she picked out a double marrow doggie gun.

“This will get them into a, frenzy after a while and start talking!” Onion said holding her massive gun between her paws while Sage got out a little gun to give them a buzz.

“This will do, never fails me!” Sage replied taking out a small electronic gun which always sends them into shock after reading their real tag names under their fur.

Onion locked the boot of the car while Sage jumped up into the trees to climb towards the doggie kennels while Onion decided to crawl slowly towards one of the doors nearby without making any noises. Onion tried to open the door, but it locked on the inside, but something caught her left eye a window, but it was small maybe small enough for her to go through.

‘I’ll try and climb in through that window!’ she thought to herself and she leaped up just managed to stick her claws into the wooden ledge of the small window, and manages to pull herself up.

But she forgot one thing, she was a large cat, she tried to get through the window. But the fit was getting tighter and tighter until she managed to pop out on the other side and crashed into the wooden boxes on the floor, ‘CRASH’ went the noise as the leader of the canine league heard the sound coming from the one of the back storages.

“Go and find out where that sound is coming from!” Killer Wolf snarled to one of the Irish Wolfhounds called Clover, one of the crazy twins hounds in his red coloured bowler hat, which was just about to eat his favourite food, a bone he found buried in the earth outside the place.

“Now boss! I’ve just starting eating my bone!” Clover said looking at his boss quivering with fear.

“Yes NOW!” Killer Wolf shouted with rage with Clover dropping his bone and walked over quietly towards one of the storages, where the noise was.

Sage was almost at the rooftops when he heard a noise didn’t realise it was Onion crashing inside trying to get through a small window.

“What was that!” he whispered to himself in shock with his hairs stood on end yet again.

“Just need this tree in front of me now, and I’m on the roof” Sage whispered again, and he leaped into the air and just manages to grab one of the branches of the tree in front of him. Then pulled himself up and looked around to see if anybody saw him, but to his luck nobody had seen him as he did the final leap and landed on the roof of the compound. Slowly crawled towards one of the skylights and looked through it, but to his surprise Sage could see Onion flat out on one of the wooden boxes but not unconscious, which brought a bit of relief to him when he saw one of the dogs Clover, slowly entering the storage of the building.  

Sage had to act quickly and smartly to overcome this dog to get Onion his partner, so he looked at the skylight and noticed it was only held in by a piece of glass separating him from them below, he looked down and noticed he had enough time to rescue his partner before Clover could find her. Sage looked at his paws on the right side to his face and sprung the claws out and placed them carefully on the pane of glass and started cutting the glass in the centre. Slowly and quietly without making any noises, which would be a catastrophe for him and his partner, slowly he began cutting the plane of glass in a perfect circle, big enough for him to squeeze through without cutting any hair on his fur.

He was just nearly to the end of the circle when he got some sticky, tacky bubble gum stuck to his fur which he was saving for a raining day.

“I need to get down there fast!” Sage whispered to himself, looking through the skylight, he placed the bubble gum dead in the centre of the cut glass and slowly started to remove the cut pane of glass from the window.

Sage almost lifted it when it made a sharp scraping sound as the both cuts of glass rubbed against each other; Clover below looked up, and was just about to bark a warning to the others. Sage got his little electronic gun and pointed it towards Clover, a beam of light hit Clover traveling up and down his back, and up towards Clover's head, before he had a chance to look at the beam of light, he recognised what it was, but it was too late.

“Hello Fluffy!” purred Sage towards Clover, which the electronic gun flashed Clover’s real name which was given to him by his Mummy and Daddy at birth years ago, with a small metal tag that placed in his ear at birth at the puppy ward.

“Please, don’t tell anybody my real name. I can’t stand it, it’s, so girly like!” Clover whimpered towards Sage, who just jumped down from the Skylight and did a couple of somersaults and backflips in the air before almost landed perfectly on the ground on all four paws, but manages to break one of his nails, near the semi-unconscious Onion.

“Damn! Almost a perfect landing” Sage whispered, while Onion was gabbling on about not liking eating frozen dead sardines.

On the outskirts of the capital of Meow City, is a small Town called Paws County, it was run by the Hounds from the Canine League until the Police cats came in and sorted out some of the problems, but like all small Towns, there’s always something dark lurking in the shadows.

One day at the Special Fur Forces in Meow City, the Cat-Captain, a purebred White called Snow, got an urgent message from the Fur Ball Department in Paws County, saying that they’re in trouble with the Hounds from the Canine League.

So with the message, Cat-Captain Snow, ordered two of his finest from the Special Fur Forces to his Bell Office inside the F.F.H. (Fur Forces Headquaters),  Cat-Constable Onion and Cat-Constable Sage.

In a short time of arriving at Paws County, Cat-Constable Onion and Cat-Constable Sage have managed to settle in Paws County very quickly, which surprised everybody in the Fur Ball department.  

They were investigating missing Rare Breeds of Kittens going missing, as they tackle a leader called Killer Wolf, a Chihuahua from The Hounds Of The Canine League.

As the plot thickens into the investigation, they go on a wild goose chase to solve clues, but ending up messing things up.

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