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Snowville 2 : Attack Of The Yeti'

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This is part of the snowville 2.

The night was slowly turning to dawn when the King and his snowmen in armour had reached halfway up the icy mountain to a place where they could have a look on the other side.

They noticed four big different coloured hairy creatures who were on a rampage, destroying everything in their path and scaring all the animals with their roars.

“Looks like the Yeti’s are at it again, causing mischief and scaring the animals, we must stop this,” the King said to the snowmen.

“How are we going to do that, they are bigger than us,” one of the snowmen said looking scared, as he pooped little icicles from his bottom.

The King and the twelve snowmen walked on and finally reached the top of the icy mountain where the King noticed some small stones on the floor.

“Right I want eight of you snowmen to start eating the stones, and you other four start making an icy slope,” the King said looking at them.

The four snowmen started to build the slippery slope by farting snow on the side of the mountain. It got bigger and bigger until it was the correct size.  

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