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Snowville : Revenge Of DeFrost

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This is part of the snowville story

With this everybody was very unhappy, not knowing was caused all this, they had their suspicions about the creature called defrost that could have caused this, they prayed every Christmas for a miracle to happen but it never came.

Then one day out of the blue a snowman came by, but never got any further but the outskirts of the village, “This is strange, why there is no snow here” he said to himself, as he kept on walking around the edge of the village, “I must get help, but I know who will help them” he sounded pleased with himself feeling confidence, so off he went into the deep mountains, leaving a trail line behind him all the way.

The next day a young child was walking around and noticed this strange trail line cutting through the snow, so off the child went and told everybody to have a look, so they all went over to see, ‘What caused this strange line in the snow’ the whole village muttered, but soon afterwards it was getting late and they all went home and had some tea and went to bed.

This is a magical story about a lizard/boy who always defrost the snow arounds himself, everwhere he goes.

The villagers in the village had enough and started picking on him everyday, the children, teachers and the people.

So one day he ran away into the forest, where he suddenly died overnight.

The spirit didn't wanted they did to him to rest and forgive them, but instead he went to the village and cast a spell.

Every year on Christmas Eve, the villages always pray to a special tree in the village, because it always had the brightest star always shines at the top of the tree from space.

There prayers were finally answers after years went by, an snowman was walking in the snow and notises something strange about the village and went back to tell the SnowKing.

The book is full of beauitful illustrations to follow the story of the snowmen and their magic powers to save the village.

He went back at night time when everybody was asleep, and cast a spell on the village, defrosrting everything. So when everybody woke up the next day, the snow had gone from everywhere inside the village.
The next day everyone in the whole village was amazed, there was snow everywhere around them. "Our prayers have been answered" the villages kept on saying.
During the night, the snowmen came around with his fiends and they all stood around the village in a perfect circle, "Ready menlet's give them snow" the snowman said, so they allbent over and farted, they produced small fluffy snowflakes from their bottoms, and slowly they covered the whole white village with snow.

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