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Author S.M.E. (aka)


I was born partially deaf in the year of the great peace times of the 60’s in 1966, going to main stream schools of Spon Gate and then finally ending up at Blue Coats School which at the time was the first secondary school to have a PHU (Partially Hearing Unit), finally left school with success of a few degrees, but most importantly enjoying the game of cricket, which ended up me playing for four clubs in my year span of 14 years, but also enjoying riding motorbikes for over 20 years now, (Never likes cars), which ended sadly due to a motorbike accident in 2007, which with three operations I’ve had my right foot half amputated.

I was working for numerous different jobs, but since the accident my disability slowly became very uncomfortable to walk for long periods of time, then finally lost my job for medical reasons, but in return while having time off, I’ve started writing again, which in the time of early 2002, I’d started doing a novel then stopped for some reason, then started again in 2013 to carry on with the novel which I’ve finally finished in 2014, but with the enjoyment of writing I’ve finally ending up doing different styles of writing.

In my spare time I still ride the same bike from the accident which is a Honda Goldwing GL1832 cc, which I ride in all seasons, but mostly enjoying riding it in the summer time to travel all around the UK, but also like to listen to all sort of music to relax while writing my books, but sometime I get disturbed by my beautiful two cats, which never let me write until they’ve had their fuss always without a doubt, but they always be part of my life now, for over 14 years which gives me great pleasure.

They both have died in 2k15 and 2k16 at the grand age of 14 years and they will be always be remembered, and now i have a kitten named Jester, who is white and black spots with two diferent coloured eyes, one is blue and the other is green.

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