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Oxodideum Book 1 : The Devilnite's Rock

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Here is part of the book

Mark enters the cave; it was 5 meters wide and 15 meters in height. There were a few different caves, but he knew which way to go because he’d drew on the waterproof notebook showing where to go. Then on the entrance he’d pegged a safety reel, so he could find his way back, then carried on going through the cave, went down another 5 meters, then noticed it was going straight up.

“Right going up, now I can see some sort of light in front of me, Paul” Mark replied on the walkie-talkie looking with awe.

“What do you mean, you can see some kind of light, sure it’s not your DPV, Mark” John replied with shock, and with some confusion.

“No, it’s not the DPV, the light is too bright for that, right, I’m carrying on now towards this light” he responded back curiously, as he’s feeling suspicious and sceptical knowing that there is no hole, this deep at the roof of this cave.

“Ok, be careful down there,” John said feeling anxious, wondering what that light Mark is seeing in the cave.

Mark carried on swimming upwards to this underground cave, towards the light, and then as he’s just about to break the surface of the water, the light just disappeared.

“What the fuck” Mark said he was startled and confused,

“What, Mark, what’s wrong” John replied back.

“The light’s just gone, it’s completely dark, just the light from the DPV just showing in the cave now” Mark responded back wondering what the fuck is going on in this cave.

“What do you see, Mark” John replied back, keeping him in touch in case something goes wrong.

“Well there’s a ledge in front of me, I’m going to swim towards it with the DPV, climb out and put the DPV on the ledge, but you won’t hear from me for just a while ok” spoke Mark as he swam towards the ledge.

“Ok, Mark” replied John, but Mark didn’t hear him.

Mark climbed out of the water, and rested on the ledge inside this cave and turned on the handheld light to see what’s inside the cave and what’s causing this strange light. He took the diving gear off and walked another 10 meters with the powerful primary light, and in front of him is this strange silver box. Mark looked at the silver box and noticed some strange symbols around its edges and drew the markings on his waterproof notebook, then slowly and being very curious Mark opened the box and inside is the mask. It was the same one that John showed him at the hotel in the morning.  Mark picked it out of the box and put it in his water sealed light weight box, which is 2ft long and 8” in height, just enough space to hold the mask, he put the mask in the box, sealed it up and put on the diving gear on then climbed into the water.

Then looked back into the cave with the touch, then he noticed the box just vanished, still looking puzzled about this as he headed back.

“Right can you hear me, I’ve got the mask, on my way back now,” Mark said on the walkie-talkie as turned back online.

“That’s brilliant, well made Mark, he’s got the mask, Rob,” John said as he jumped up with joy and feeling optimistic knowing something good is going to happen to save the world.

“That’s brilliant news, John,” Rob said looking at John dancing around laughing, as Rob is just about to join in with the celebrations, as Mark piped up on the walkie-talkie.

“The mask looks ancient, but new at the same time. Yet the mask’s still holding its shape, very unusual. It was kept inside a silver box, but the box had very strange symbols around the edge of it. So I’ve drawn the markings on my waterproof notebook, but the weird thing is, the silver box just vanished into thin air” Mark replied with confusion.

“How can a silver box vanish, Mark, look don’t worry about the silver box, just come back safely,” John said looking at Rob with amazement.

“Just following my line back to the entrance of the cave now, I’ll be out in a few minutes” Mark responded back.

“Where are you now, Mark are you out of the cave yet,” John said feeling like a kid again with excitement.

“Just cleared the entrances making my way up to you guys, now” Mark responded back, glad that he’s out of the cave unharmed.

“Ok, see in a minute or two” replied back John smiling, as he and Rob looked into the water.

They can see the light from the DPV, getting brighter and brighter as Mark’s coming closer to the surface of the Lake. Then in a split second, Mark broke the surface of the water, swam towards the edge of the land, handed the DPV to John and Rob, then the double tank, then gave the water sealed lightweight box to John, then climbed onto land.

John was acting like a kid on charismas day opening his presents under the tree, but at the same time very curious to find what’s in the water sealed light weight box. He was sweating with nerves and slowly opened the box, and there in front of him is this magnificent mask, that he dreamt of all those years ago when he was a kid at Paul’s house.

“That is a brilliant looking mask, we’ll have a closer look at the hotel, Mark, any chance to drive us back to the hotel, please,” John said looking at Mark, knowing that he can’t thank him enough.

“No, problem at all, and by the way here are the drawings of the symbols I’ve done before the silver box vanished” Mark replied as he gave him the waterproof notebook.

“Forgot about that, let’s have a quick look, wow, never seen these before, look very similar to the other ones, but different sort of symbols that I saw years ago on the statue,” John said looking at the writing with awe.

“Let’s see, they are different, when we get back to the hotel, we’ll check on the database” Rob spoke out with joy.

“Sorry, to say this guy, we better get going, I’ll get the car loaded up, then drop you guys off, Ok,” Mark said knowing that he’d enjoyed himself today.

“So how much altogether then Mark” replied John.

“Like I said, £1,000 no extra cost, even though I had the best experience of my life today down there, I’m never going to experience that again in my lifetime,” Mark said knowing whatever happened today down there in the cave, he knows that he will keep it to himself.

John got the envelope with the money inside out of his jacket inside pocket, handed it over to Mark; they all got into the car, after a short drive they were back at the hotel. They all shook hands and gave each other a hug, as John and Rob got out of the car and waved goodbye to Mark. They both headed back to the hotel room to look at these symbols from the silver box and then phoned the receptionist to bring the drinks and the food to their room as they won’t be going down to eat, so they stayed just for the night before going back to Wiltshire.

Rob got undressed and just left his boxers on then went to the bathroom to have a shower.  John looked up then noticed Rob’s arse for a split second thinking, ‘Hhhhhmmmm cute’ but John shook his head thinking, ‘what the fuck are you thinking’ he looked down paused for second to get his mind straight. He went into his bag and got some white gloves then sat on the bed and placed the water sealed lightweight box on the bed as well, slowly taking the mask out from the box, carefully examining the mask, having a good look at the markings on it.

“This looks ancient, yet really cool, look at the markings and how they’ve made it, from natural resources, yet it feels so light, for something this size,” he said looking amazed at the detail on it.

“Yet nothing has decayed, the feathers looks new, sounds like it was made yesterday, not looking old at all,” Rob said looking across as he came out of the bathroom.

“What about the white flash of light Mark told about, and these symbols yet again, yet different from the others I saw years ago” John replied looking on, knowing that these symbols mean something.

“What do they mean, why do we need this mask anyway, for what purpose” as Rob looked at John, still wondering what it’s for and what reason.

“All I know is, that I’m chosen to wear this mask, that’s what I’ve been told” replied John looking at Rob, shrugging his shoulders.

“Told by whom” still Rob was persistent on the question.

“That something I can’t say, Rob, just trust me on this, enough of this talk, let’s find out what these symbols mean” finally John had enough of the same questions and really wanted to know what the symbols meant and why.

“Ok, you’re the boss, boss” Rob replied sarcastically.

“Piss off Rob, we need to do this and stop joking about, we’ve only got tonight and tomorrow to figure these symbols, ok” John answered back, feeling irritated with bullshit coming from his mouth.

“Put the mask away in the box, to protect it from the light and any damage we may cause,” Rob said being curious for the first time.

“Now you’re thinking, Rob, right I’m putting the mask away, for now. Right the symbols, let’s crack on!” replied John.

He was about to put the mask away, then without realising a part of the mask touched his unproductive area on his forearm. John felt something coming from the object, some sort of energy; he felt he was absorbing something from the mask, not the other way round. But what, John just doesn’t know what it is yet, it didn’t make him jump at all, it felt like a power surge of some sort.

“Rob, come here, for one minute please, I want you to try something for me” John shouted out to Rob calmly.

“Ok what do you expect me to do,” Rob said looking puzzled.

“Just touch the mask for me, will you,” John said looking at Rob being far-reaching.

“What for” he replied back, scratching his head, looking even more puzzled than the question before.

“Just bloody do it, Rob,” John said furiously now as he looked at Rob.

Rob came over and sat on the bed next to John, and slowly put one finger on the mask.

“Well,” John said looking on.

“Well, what” replied Rob, not knowing what else to say.

“Did you feel anything” John replied hoping for the same answer as he felt before.

“Well the mask is a bit rough to touch” Rob replied looking up.

“Right funny, no, did you feel any sort of energy coming from this figure?” replied John as he started to feel a bit irritated.

“No, nothing, why, John” Rob replied looking a bit worried.

“Are you serious, with me, you can’t feel anything at all?” John said looking amazed.

This time, Rob looked puzzled and shaking his head to a no response.

“Look nothing, at all, why, John” responded Rob wondering what’s really going on around here.

“When I was about to put the mask back in its box, part of the mask touched my forearm. And I felt some sort of energy coming from it, it felt like I was absorbing something from the mask. But don’t know what or why?” John explained to Rob with somewhat kind of awe.

“What did it feel like” replied Rob looking optimistic but excited at the same time.

“Like a buzz, but better, all I know is that I’ve got to wear this thing. But still don’t know why? And why me and not just other people, like you or Paul. Even though Paul read the symbols with me from the statue, it’s got to be me and nobody else” Replied John as he stopped talking and put the mask away in the box very carefully so he doesn’t touch any part of the object, before placing it on the floor.

They both started doing the symbols, trying to work out what they meant by, and what for? Right here are the symbols from the silver box that disappeared into thin air.  John copied them all onto his laptop while searching the internet to find any clues, and just waited for the search engine to search the database that he used years ago on the laptop. Finally, he matched one of the strange symbols, and then through the night, John and Rob finally completed the task.

The story is about Devilnite who wanted to get his revenge on Godlite.

He made a statue millions of years ago which it was sent to earth in the year 2000 A.D from this universe in another dimension.

The statue slowly gaining powers to only infects men that are over 21 years old, turned a few of them into infected zombie gay men.

Then they have sex with straight men turning them into an army of infected zombie gay men, to cut down the human population.

Will the Four kids that have growned up, will able to save the world from being corrupted by Devilnite's Army and the Beast himself.... Devilnite?

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