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Beyond The End Of The Cul-De-Sac


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Beyond The End Of The Cul-De-Sac.

With James sitting next to the open fire at the table with a small wooden stand displaying the number five carved on it, James looked around the pub and loved the interior with the same oak beams running through the whole bar holding it upright.

There were pictures of Warwickshire over the years and some old artefacts hanging on the walls of pistols, swords and shields.

“Must come here often, just love the smell of wood burning and the early atmosphere…! God! It remains me as I’m still here from the past?” James muttered while looking around with awe at the things inside the pub before Sally walked next to him and disturbed his concertation.

“Sir…?” Sally murmured which made James jump a little in his chair.

“Fuck, Shi-? Sorry, you just surprised me a little?” James muttered the words out with shock.

“Sorry about that, here’s your Ploughman’s lunch! Anything else you would like?” Sally replied back, putting the food on the table in front of James.

“Yes, I would like a pint of Old Cider, please?” James replied back smiling after taking a few quick short deep breaths.

“Old Cider coming up, sir…?” Sally replied back calmly, before going back behind the counter and poured a pint of Old Cider into a narrow pint glass.

“Here you go, Sir?” Sally said before she put the pint on the table and smiled at James,

“Thank you so much for this trouble, Sally!” James replied back, smiling and feeling a little guilty about having his lunch two hours early than normal.

“No worries Sir; everything is fine! Please, enjoy your meal and your drink? If you need anything, I’ll be right over there?” Sally cooed and smiled at him before she turned away for James to enjoy his early lunch next to the open fire.

After a good hour, James finally finished his lunch and his cold pint of Old Cider, when Sally walked over to the table.

“So what brings you here in this lovely old pub?” Sally said, looking at him softly which took James’s breath away with her beauty reflecting the light of the open fire.

“Oh, I’m just looking at some houses to rebuild at St Thomas Cove. You know, just down the road?” James said smiling back.

“That’s nice, about time those houses were done up?” Sally replied back which took James by surprise.

“You know about them then?” James replied back sounded curious,

“Oh yes, I’ve always wondered when someone is going to rebuild them up, every time I look through the top window upstairs” Sally replied back, looking into James’s green eye’s catching the warmth of the fire glowing inside them.

“I didn’t know about them until yesterday, and I’m meeting some builders to do it up today.” James said smiling back sounded excited about the prospect of doing these houses up.

“Nice talking to you and here’s your bill, sir?” Sally said, slipping the bill on the table and picked up the clutter on the table before walking off with James still looking at her before he realised the time was approaching one p.m. on the wall clock behind the counter.

“Shit! That’s the time already. I’ve better be going back to meet the builders” James muttered alarmingly under his breath before going to the counter to paid for his meal and his drink.

“Here you go Sally and there’s something special about it for helping me out today?” James said smiling before turning his back heading out towards his car, with Sally looking at the change on the counter and notices that James paid an extra £10 tip on top.

“Thank you for that” Sally whispered and slowly disappeared into a misty figure before going through the wall, before the real bar attendee walked in from the kitchen to open the pub up and notices some money on the counter.

“Sally, have you been serving another customer again?” the young man said out loud, with the only sound he could hear is the giggles between the old thick stone walls.

This book is about 10 teenagers that disappeared in the late 40's by using Pagan Black Magic, by summoning the ' Dark Lord Stilf, Master of the Full Moon and the Moon Light '.

Then 40 years later on the same site, an American firm was building a cul-de-sac of houses in Warickshire, but later were made bankcrupt.

Then a man named Mr James Long was sitting in his office working from the Housing Agency called ‘Refurnish Old Houses’.

He then stumbled on them by chance on the internet and started rebuilding them back up again, and after 6 months they finally were homed with residences and their pets.

But what they didn't know, something dark and sinister was lurking in the woodwork of these houses, were dark enterties made themselves a home in each of the houses, but didn't like the new commers invided their space.

So they had to do evil acts to the families and their pets to over come this, but the children learnt that something was happening and had help from unusual sources to help them out.

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