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Here are some of the stories that you can find in this book

An old man’s thoughts

One fine day an old man was walking in the park,
Listening to old music with his iPod connected to his hearing aids,
Humming away to different tunes, with a packed lunch box in his left hand,
And in his right hand a roll up, lit up ready to smoke away,
While he is minding his own business, he noticed a bench near the lake.

He walked over to the bench and noticed leaves all over it,
He first brushed the leaves to one side in a pile, orange, brown and yellow in colour,
Then sat down and put the packed lunch box next to him.

He looked across and saw people playing by the lake,
He chuckled to himself thinking he wished he was young again,
But with a smile, he opened his packed lunch box, got out a small can of pop,
His favourite, a nice can of Dr Pepper and a sandwich cut in half
Filled with ham, cheese and lettuce, also a packet of prawn cocktail crisps.

Sitting there on a fine warm autumn evening, with a slight breeze
Brushing against his face from an east-west direction,
He sits and finishes his sandwich, then finishes it off with his drink to wash it all down.

He then relaxes and starts to think of things in the past and in the present,
About things in his life and hoping you won’t make the same mistakes as him.

At this point, this is where this book really starts.

Darkness falls

The heavens raging with fire and black smoke,
Battles going on up there between good and evil,
Swords, claws, flames, lightning all flying around,
In an empty void each side trying to rule.

No-one knows when it all started, some say years ago
Before the dawn of man and life on earth,
Earth this little speck of dust slowly evolving to a planet we know.

But still why they are fighting for peace, love, or simply gain control,
To see who is the mightiest of them all but we all know,
There’ll always be good and evil and yet they still fight on,
The thunder and lighting, fire bolts across the skies,
When will there ever be peace up there?

Only time will tell when darkness falls, only we know who won?

Quack? Quack? buddy

Along time ago when I was a teenager, my friend Keith gave us a duck,
It was a white male duck, yellow-orange beak, and we called it Buddy,
My mum and dad just looked at me as it made it way through the house
And followed me into the back garden, there buddy just looked around,
Eating the plants and he just kept pooping all the time, everywhere he went.

The funny thing is that we had an Alsatian dog called Zeus,
Buddy kept chasing him around the garden, and up the path,
Pecking the dog on the legs and flapping it wings, poor Zeus didn’t know what to do.

We had a dog kennel built into the shed for Zeus but Buddy took that over,
But as the months went by they both finally got on and every night they slept together.

There was times when my dad used to go down the fields to play golf and Buddy
And Zeus followed him on the foot path towards the fields.

Other times I’d walk down the fields with both Buddy and Zeus, and there
Was a river that split the fields in half and we all splashed in the river, god it was fun.

We had Buddy for a whole year then we had to make a decision what to do
So we phoned up a farm and buddy settled there very quickly.

Another time we had a visitor a female mallard all brown feathers,
She settled in Zeus’s kennel and my mum couldn’t understand why Zeus would
Not go near it, so my mum looked inside and saw the duck and then she
Phoned the RSPCA and they came over and looked to see if there
Were any chicks nearby, but there were none, at the end they took the duck away?
And set her free near the river to join the other ducks.


This book is about small Modern Poems about my life over the last 40 years.

Each story is different, as it's starts when i was a younger child growing up to early stages of schooling life.

Then it contiunes through collages and then working, until i had to give up work through medical reasons.

But some stories contain, dreams and morials to explain them.

There are over 100 short Modern Poems to read and enjoy.

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